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Part Time Cowboys Series (Ebook)

Part Time Cowboys Series (Ebook)

4 Books with Bonus Novella

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 300+ 5-star for the series

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Rancher in Training (Book 1)

She arrests bad boys, she doesn’t date them.

Farah loves her job as a deputy, but her income also supports her family’s ranch. Her mom’s recovering from a stroke and her dad’s struggling to accomplish everything the ranch requires. It’s a rat race that she’s losing, but her job is keeping them afloat.

Jesse planned to visit his sister and sneak out of town before anyone knew he was there. But on his way out of city limits, he stops to help a stranded motorist and has a run-in with a cute deputy. The only problem is, he knows Farah from his time in jail, when he was on the wrong side of the cell door.

When an accident strands Jesse at the ranch next door to Farah, he does everything he can to prove that he’s a changed man. But Farah can’t risk her career falling for a felon, and when something happens to cast suspicion on Jesse, she has to put her attraction aside and do her job. Even if it costs her a future with the reformed bad boy.

Red Hot Rancher (Book 2)

After a bad break-up, the last guy Brigit wants to help her move is the high school sweetheart that she left behind.

Full-time fireman and part-time rancher Caleb is living the bachelor’s dream and staying rent-free in his best friend’s place. Too bad it’s because he lost his house to a tornado and his best friend’s sister is the one that got away. At least she doesn’t visit often. The last thing he needs is to show her she was right about him, that he’s going nowhere fast. But when her cheating fiancé kicks her out, she has no place to go except her brother’s suddenly too-crowded ranch house.

After a streak of bad decisions, Brigit has to slink back home to nurse her wounds and find a job. To complete her humiliation, there’s no way she can avoid the first love she walked away from years ago because he’s sleeping on the other side of her wall. At least it’s only a matter of time before she’s gone again. After all, there’s nothing in this town for her but bullies and cow patties. Except a fireman in cowboy boots who melts her heart and makes her consider love again.

White Collar Rancher (Book 3)

She's falling for her best friend's ex.

Justin used to rule the boardroom, now he rules his own little plot of land, or he could if he wasn't a single dad with a newborn. The doctor who delivered his son is an old friend and he calls in an SOS. But the longer she's around, the harder it is to ignore that a stunning intellect isn't her only appeal.

It was supposed to be two friends getting through a baby's colic together. Only Priya has harbored way more than friendly feelings for Justin for years. But she's struggling to keep her thoughts platonic around the scruffy, rugged rancher.
Justin's sworn off women and refuses to change for anyone. Priya's fighting to save her job and won't be second rate to anyone. So why not a friends with benefits arrangement? Then no one will get their heart broken...

Rancher Next Door (Book 4)

She moved back home to simplify life but ended up pretending to date the rancher next door.

Two years ago, Lucas’s high-school sweetheart divorced him, claiming he was unreliable, disappointing, and a failure. He hasn’t looked at another woman since. A failing farm and an ailing dad are all he has time for. But when the neighbor girl moves back next door, he can’t help but notice she’s not a scrawny kid anymore. And she's single. And ignoring him.

Seven years ago, Trina’s boyfriend left her, leaving her to raise their son and no child support to help. So when she’s late for the interview of a lifetime and the childhood friend who abandoned her long ago offers to cover, she can’t afford to say no. The proposal is clear. If she pretends to date him, she’ll get the job she needs with his aunt so she can afford to get her degree.

They both know the deal. It should be no problem. But the more Lucas learns about Trina’s plans and ambitions, the more he knows his ex-wife was right, that he has nothing to offer. Yet the bigger the glimpse Trina gets into Lucas’s lonely life, the more she wants to be a part of it, even at the risk of her own damaged heart. These old friends have so much more to risk the second time around, but the temptation next door has never looked so good.

Her Christmas Offer (novella)

The celebrity vet is back in town.

Bunny’s high school crush has returned to town just in time for the holidays. Ethan, celebrity veterinarian to the stars, has even called her with an early Christmas present: his company wants to buy out her vet clinic. Sure, the clinic’s a little dated, the staff is clamoring for a raise, and the clientele is scattering, but she can’t trust a word out of Ethan’s perfectly chiseled mouth…even if it does wicked things to her when he stops talking.

Ethan’s arrogance drove Bunny away once, but twenty years hasn’t diminished his infatuation with the curvy veterinarian. This time, staying off Bunny’s naughty list will be even harder since he works for the company planning to buy her out. She thinks he’s nothing but a pretty face for a cold corporate machine. But he’s not here to dismantle her life’s work, he’s here to save it, because without a Christmas miracle, her clinic won’t survive another year.

The clock is ticking down, and not just until Santa’s arrival. Ethan needs an answer from Bunny before Christmas. A yes means putting coal in the stockings of all her employees, but a no means Ethan’s bosses will spend the new year driving her business into the ground—and she’ll have to give up the only man she’s ever wanted for Christmas.

Get all four books in the Part Time Cowboys series for one low price, plus the Her Christmas Offer novella. 

What you'll find in this series:

  • Rugged heroes
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Friends to lovers
  • Neighbors to lovers

Books included in this bundle:

✔️ Rancher in Training

✔️ Red Hot Rancher

✔️ White Collar Rancher

✔️ Rancher Next Door

✔️ Her Christmas Offer

What readers are saying:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "A worthy read."--Reader Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I am always in awe of an author who can take a character who is not someone that most of us would not find aympathetic in the least and redeems them into a character that you can’t help but fall in love with..."--Reader Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "So happy to add another author I can't get enough of! Highly recommended her books!"--Reader Review

Chapter One Look Inside

Rancher in Training Chapter 1, Sneak Peek

Jesse turned onto the highway that’d lead him straight into Moore. Caleb lived on the opposite side of the highway than Josie and Brock and the rest of the Walkers. Jesse had been taking the back roads out of town because he was in no hurry to return.

And he loved the country. Nothing was more beautiful than Minnesota in summer. It might be a winter wasteland the rest of the year, but these flowers and trees in bloom made everything worth it. Maybe it was his dormant farmer genes coming to life. This land was in his blood. Nothing else could explain the rage he’d felt when he’d learned his family’s legacy had been stolen from him while he toiled away under a worthless excuse for a man who’d planned to screw him out of everything he’d worked for.

But enough of living in the past. He couldn’t afford to let it affect his future more than it had. Josie was expecting her first kid and dammit, he wasn’t going to be the absent uncle.

They passed farm-implement dealers, a vet clinic, and a car lot on the outskirts of town. Caleb seemed nice enough, but Jesse would be glad when his good deed was done and he was on his way back to St. Cloud.

Caleb drummed his fingers against the door. “What brings you to Moore?”

“I was visiting family and taking the back roads home.”

Caleb raised a brow. “Why? Expired tabs?”

“Enjoying the view,” he said, trying to act relaxed. “Not hiding from the cops.” Not really.

“Don’t take it personally. You don’t look like a long-walks-in-the-park guy.”

Jesse glanced down at the arm with the tribal tattoo. He wished it meant something, but he’d just seen it, liked it, had it done. Being eighteen and cocky was the real reason for the ink. He looked back at Caleb with his shaved sides, the hair on top longer and easy to style a little punk if he was off duty. His ear lobe was slightly elongated, like it was missing a small-caliber plug, and if Jesse were to peer closer, the guy’s eyebrow had probably been pierced at one time. “No offense, but you don’t look like a guy living off the land.”

Instead of a quick grin, Caleb’s features tightened. “It’s a new development.”

“Oh yeah?” he asked mostly to keep the topic off himself.

“Yep. Forty acres, surrounded by two quarters of land and eighty head of cattle. More than enough for little old me.” He jutted his chin up. “Take the left up here. The firehouse is on the block east of that stone monstrosity.”

The building he gestured to was the courthouse. A block east meant Jesse wouldn’t have to get up close and personal with the imposing building.

He followed the directions, then parked in front of the three-story brick firehouse. Two large garage doors let out on the back of the building, and American and Minnesota state flags flew on metal poles posted in the lawn by the sidewalk. Jesse’s hands shook. He fisted them around the steering wheel to keep Caleb from noticing.

He was a convicted arsonist sitting outside a firehouse. Part of him expected to hear the wails of a police car behind him.

Caleb tossed his pickup key in the cup holder and pulled out his wallet. “How much is a battery?”

“Depends how good of one you want.”

“Cheap as hell.”

“Seventy-five dollars should be good.”

Digging several twenties out, he tossed them down with the key. “When you’re done, just hide the key under the front seat and don’t lock the door. I’ll get a ride back in the morning when my shift is done.”

“No problem.” He planned to also leave the extra money under the seat. Sure, he could use the income, but it didn’t feel like help if he took money. He was turning over a new engine, as it were.

“Seriously, thanks man. Call the firehouse and ask for me if there’s any trouble.” He jumped out and trotted to the entrance. When he disappeared, Jesse didn’t linger. He kept his truck at the speed limit all the way out of downtown, but the effort was exhausting. No more trouble, and he’d watched enough movies to know that it was when a guy thought things were picking up that his life always nose-dived.

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