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New Vampire Disorder Series (Ebook)

New Vampire Disorder Series (Ebook)

The entire series at a discount

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1200+ 5-star reviews for the series

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Demetrius (book 1)
She wants to destroy the demon possessing her father.

He wants to protect his people. But she's the worst thing since holy water: a virgin mate.

Calli's good at pretending. Like how she and her father still live like they're the elite of vampire society when they've been destitute for years. But when she suspects her father's been possessed by a demon, there's only one male she can turn to: the one who took everything from them.

Demetrius overturned the corrupt vampire council and formed a new government to oversee vampires. Egos and attitudes should be the only issues he’s facing, but there’s a new evil in town. And his destined mate just stormed into his office demanding help.

He can't turn her away, but he can't claim her as his own. Turns out, her father's not the only one a demon has its claws sunk into.

Rourke (book 2)
He haunts her nightmares.
She’s like nothing he’s ever dreamed of.

Grace was a vampire child adopted by humans and raised in a secluded but loving environment. When she stumbles across the murders of her human family, the male from her nightmares is there. He’s supposed to be a monster, but he looks more like a fantasy.

It was supposed to be a simple investigation. Rourke would hunt the creatures that killed the humans and move on to his next mission. But Grace complicates everything. The crime scene smells like brimstone, Grace’s story doesn’t add up, and the way she looks at him… It's enough to make an embittered vampire dream.

But their meeting wasn’t a coincidence. Grace and Rourke need to hunt creatures that are both nightmare and reality, or die trying.

Bishop (book 3)
Mixing fire and ice can be hell.

Fyra had one job: make the vampire Bishop the underworld’s tool. But despite her best feminine wiles, the delicious male wouldn’t break. Now pursued by her fellow demons—and one very angry Bishop—she’s running out of options. Her combustible personality is more than just an annoyance, it’s going to get her killed. Leaving a fiery trail for her enemies to follow, she’s as good as dead…unless Bishop finds her first.

Tricked into a bond with a demon, Bishop must free himself before he is forced to turn on his team, his people, and the realm he’s worked so hard to protect. But even if he can catch his luscious demoness, just what will he do with her? Her knowledge of the underworld alone is reason enough to keep her—and use the unwanted bond for himself. But Fyra is no pawn, and her fiery presence threatens to thaw secrets from Bishop’s past best left on ice.

As enemies circle and allies become foes, Fyra and Bishop will have no choice but to take on hell with fire and ice.

Stryke (book 4)
A demon in love…

Stryke harbors a love so secret, not even the powerful vampire he’s bonded to knows about him. When a sadistic demoness uncovers his bond and orders a hit on his female, Stryke’s carefully laid plans dissolve under brutal beatings and imprisonment.

Scraping his last threads of energy together, he escapes the underworld to save her. But the cunning vampire rescued herself and would rather shove a blade in Stryke’s heart than claim it.

A vampire’s duty…

Uptight vampire Zoey Chevalier lost her mate years ago, but her duty protecting her species keeps her going. Lately, she’s been coming unraveled and fantasizing about a male she’s never met. She’s alone and going crazy, and hiding her instability from her team.

When several underworld lackeys capture her, she fights her way into the arms of her dream male. Stryke’s a mortal enemy with an absurd story about their connection, and he dredges up hopes and dreams that died with her mate. And if he can’t convince her to accept their bond, he’ll once again be at the mercy of the underworld.

Creed (book 5)
When the good girl goes bad…

Months ago, Melody Campbell was abducted by vampires, rescued by vampires, and now she’s employed by vampires. Through it all, she kept her upbeat attitude and harbored a not-so-secret crush on one of her rescuers.

But when she absorbs an evil demon’s powers, her cheerful attitude falters. The girl who always looked on the bright side now has a dark side, and it’s more powerful than anyone could have imagined.

The sweet human woman Creed rescued months ago has morphed into an unstable demonling. Before her change, he’d kept his distance. Her short human life span couldn’t compare to his as a vampire, and her loss would ruin him.

Now, she’s as immortal as he is, but he needs to restore her humanity before she accidentally hurts someone innocent, or worse, before her rage tips the scales and she becomes a demon he must destroy.

Bastian (book 6)
She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

And it nearly choked her.

Born into wealth and privilege, Ophelia knows better than anyone the rot that hides at the top. That’s because she’s made it her job to clean up the filth. So when the butler of a prominent vampire family shows up on her doorstep, pleading for sanctuary for him and his employers’ teenage scion, she expects nothing but tarnished silver.

Bastian has long since lost his belief that those who rule his people ever deserved the privilege, but now he must turn to one of the elite to save the girl he thinks of as his daughter. Yet while Ophelia’s ideologies chafe, she’s different. He also knows better than anyone how betrayal destroys, and why she’s steeled herself against everyone, including him.

Together, Bastian and Ophelia must hunt the demons that threaten their race, but their class differences—and their dangerous chemistry—threaten to topple their partnership. If they can’t work together, the demons will conquer all, starting with Bastian’s innocent charge.

The Seer (novella)
She was born with the sight.

Over a century old, Isabelle is under lock and key—and the watchful eye of her burly guard, Scurn. Her premonitions make her a target, but she’s no good to her people in hiding, watching reruns of reality TV. And crawling through ductwork to escape supervision is getting old. So when she gets a vision of another seer like her, one who’s still a child and in danger, Isabelle has to find her.

After so many years protecting her, Scurn discovers Isabelle missing and finds her within minutes—only to be fired from his duty as her guard. Job or no job, he swore an oath and he’s not leaving her side. As they embark on a search and rescue mission together, the boundaries between them drop. Closer than ever, she and Scurn could make a formidable pair…if they can get past the traumatic history between them.

Demon Q (book 8)
Which one is the beauty and which is the beast?

Xan is used to going it alone. After all, there’s no one else to trust when you’re a demon in the underworld. But when the only two people she’s ever cared about are snatched and held to ensure her good behavior, she’ll do anything to get them back. So when she’s ordered to spy on a hideous, arrogant energy demon, she doesn’t blink…until Quution starts to look less like the enemy and more like salvation.

Quution never cared how ugly his disguise was until Xan started showing up, asking innocuous questions and distracting him with her curves. Now he wishes the beauty knew he wasn’t such a beast. But he won’t let Xan ferret out his secrets. Because he's hiding one that’ll rock the underworld and change the fate of demons forever…if no one stops him first.

The chemistry between them is more than a case of opposites attract. But time’s running out for Xan, and as she gets closer to unraveling Quution’s plans, both will be forced to choose between the destruction of the realms or saying goodbye forever.

A deal only found here!

7 books + 1 novella of the New Vampire Disorder series. Follow the band of vampires charged with protecting their kind as they battle the underworld and fight for their mates. 

What you'll find in this series:

  • Dedicated mates
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Opposites attract
  • Vampires vs Demons
  • Team of vampire warriors

Books in this bundle:

✔️ Demetrius

✔️ Rourke

✔️ Bishop

✔️ Stryke

✔️ Creed

✔️ Bastian

✔️ The Seer

✔️ Demon Q

What readers are saying:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Tantalizing, Exhilerating, and Dangerous"--Reader Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Amazing and funny! Great read!!"--Reader Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Oh, wow did things get taken to another level. I just can't believe people can think of these things to write such good heart stopping stories. The surprises here and there makes me keep reading even when I should stop and do something else."--Reader Review

Chapter One Look Inside

Demetrius, book one:

Calli pulled into the circular drive and angled her car toward the row of garages. She hit the button on her dash and one of the large doors moved up, opening a yawning black hole of nothingness.

Well, almost nothing. Calli pulled in next to the Rolls Royce her father refused to sell. They’d gotten rid of so much stuff since the Vampire Council dissolved. Not that they’d had much, but enough to put on a good show pretending they weren’t nearly destitute. Jewelry, fancy cars, anything that could sell went. Thank you eBay. They could hardly afford to keep the mansion heated.
It’d been less than a year since life as she knew it had changed.

And what a relief. Faced with desolation, her father finally let her—gasp—get a job.

“Twenty-four damn years old,” she muttered, killing the engine.

I must insist on a stipulation Callista, her father had said almost a year ago. Please work with the very young or very old. I cannot have you exposed to the hazards of youth.

And that means what, father? Sex. She knew her father meant sex. To say he was extremely protective would be like saying the Facebook guy was sort of rich and famous. But he hadn’t been the same since the night her mother had left them. So yeah, she could take pity on the old guy and keep her panties on.

Everything else was up for grabs. She’d been sneaking out for years. To avoid her own kind and the tales that would work their way back to her father, she stuck to places prime families didn’t often frequent, like human clubs, and even the library.

She climbed out of the used car she’d gotten an excellent deal on and slammed the door. Thank whatever being out there who’s watching over vampires for technology. The internet made her teenage years bearable and helped her attain something akin to autonomy as a cloistered adult. After her mother had taken off with all their money, they only kept one butler around. The rest of the upkeep around the home fell to her. Callie relied on YouTube while her father could barely power on a computer. He preferred the old tomes that cluttered their library.

She hit the button to lower the door. It made a loud noise and the annoying light on the roof flashed.

Of course. Why wouldn’t that be broken, too?

A year without money, and even more without the butler, and the place looked like it’d been abandoned for decades. The wet winter had encouraged lush growth, and now that they were headed into fall, the greenery lost its luster. Brown, withered foliage covered the mansion from vines left untrimmed. Bushes looked like a haircut gone awry and the grass was brittle with little green left in the blades.

Again, what a relief. No more lawn mowing at five a.m. trying to get it done before sunrise. It had often taken more than one early evening to cover the acreage their mansion sat on. She missed having the butler’s extra help, and his mechanical knowledge. The lawn mower clogged up so badly that she couldn’t get it running again. Or that’s what she’d thought at first. Turned out the black stuff leaking out of the loose cap had been really important to the engine, and the machine wasn’t supposed to have white smoke billowing out from it. According to YouTube, she’d trashed the engine.

Jumping up, she unlatched the lever to make the garage door manual. Pulling the door down, she flipped the latch back hoping it’d work the next day.

Dusting her hands off on her bright pink scrubs, she wrinkled her nose remembering why the scrubs needed to go right into the wash.

The scent of aged urine clung to her. Calli loved her job, but it had a downside and that was body fluids. Tonight, she hadn’t gotten any on her, but as a certified nursing assistant for a local nursing home, she often spent enough time in a patient’s room to absorb the smells permeating the air. And little old Thelma liked to take her adult diaper off at night before she went to sleep.
So worth it.

Calli didn’t care what the patients smelled like or if those with severe dementia tried to hit or bite her, she loved every minute. Her supernatural strength was a huge asset on the job and she learned so much.
Not to mention, night shifts were plentiful in the CNA field. The weak sunlight of daybreak she drove home in wasn’t enough to severely burn her with her powerful bloodlines.

Heading to the laundry room, she stripped off her scrubs and grabbed a fresh pair of sweats. It was easier on her anxiety-ridden father not to let him see her in scrubs. The sight caused him to become morose and the smells that clung to her…well, vampire senses were extremely sensitive. She was used to it, he most definitely would never be.

The ponytail holder was the next to go. She tipped her head down and shook her hair out. California Girl, one of her patients called her because of her blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She always joked maybe one day, knowing it would be a big never. All that sunshine and vampires don’t mix.

“Father,” she called, heading down the stairs to their lair.
The lair was home. The upper levels were fun and she liked hanging out up there when the sun set, but she wallowed in the coziness of the sanctuary her father had built generations ago.

A groaning sound echoed through the hall. Calli slowed, cocking her head to listen better. Was that her father?
No, it sounded like no noise a living being would make.
Swiftly, Calli trotted down to the landing. She stopped to listen again. Was it coming from his bedroom? The living area was depressed and centered in the middle of the lower level. A few steps up in each direction led to the bedrooms, bath, or offices.

There, she heard it again. It wasn’t coming from the bedrooms, but in the direction of the office. If the sound had anything to do with her father, it probably originated from the library.

Trying to stay as quiet as possible, she crept down the hall, past the office, to the library. The sound got stronger, and stranger. What would make a deep moaning sound like that?

Her father’s words drifted down the corridor. “I swear, I will trade myself for her.” He sounded desperate, angry.
The sound cleared, like a radio station coming into tune, and it…laughed?

“You think you would be more valuable?”

“My blood is strong. I have standing within our species.”
The laugh came again. Shivers whispered down Calli’s spine. Whatever was happening in the library was not good.

“You are not wrong son of Augustus, you and your blood will prove quite useful.”

Hunching down to remain unseen, Calli snuck into the library and darted behind a ten-foot-tall ornate oak bookcase. She peeked around to find her father and when she did, she yearned to sprint back to her car and speed far away.

The beast her father spoke to must have been seven feet tall. Calli had cleaned enough elderly genitals to deduce the gender was male. He towered over her father, dwarfing him even from across the narrow table that stood between them.


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