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Pale Moonlight Series (Ebook)

Pale Moonlight Series (Ebook)

A 6 book bundle

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1200+ 5-star reviews for the series

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Birthright (book 1)
Maggie’s a wolf shifter who’s never shifted. She’s blended with humans her whole life, and lately, her shifter side has been restless. But when a hot shifter tracks her down at work and makes outrageous claims about her destiny, she blows him off. Her mother left that world behind for a reason.

Porter’s home is in turmoil, and his pack lives in fear of their cruel leader. But there’s one female who can help them. If only she’ll listen. Because he’s not the only one who knows Maggie can wipe out the power imbalance in his colony. Only the others don’t want to talk to her. They want to destroy her.

After Maggie’s attacked, her mom goes missing. Maggie has no choice but to follow Porter and let him teach her the ways of her kind. Even if it includes stripping down in the woods with the handsome shifter.

Ancient Ties (book 2)
Her destined mate...promised to another.

Chayton Eagle comes from a strong line of wolf shifters, his father an ancient in their pack. He proudly acts as a Guardian to their people, but the one thing he doesn’t need is human-raised Kaitlyn on his team, especially when she passes out each time she shifts! And he has to remember he’s scheduled to take the blood oath with another female, a long-ago pairing arranged by her parents. It doesn’t matter he and Kaitlyn are fated mates.
She can’t be his. Not now. Not ever.

Kaitlyn Savoy knows Chayton is supposed to be her mate. Too bad he’s such an ass about her human upbringing making her weak. Too bad she’s been assigned as his partner to take down the feral shifters threatening one of the colonies. Too bad she’s so damn attracted to him, a tidbit Chayton's soon-to-be inlaws notice. And they intend to put an end to the temptation Kaitlyn poses.

A Shifter's Second Chance (book 3)
Years after Gray had a complete mental breakdown that cost him everything, he’s clawed his way back to mental balance, a steady job, and a solid relationship with his grown and married daughter. Gone are the years of thinking conspiracies abound and that he is being followed…until a stunning woman busts down his back door and announces that there’s a secret world he doesn’t know about—and it’s hunting him.

After losing her mate and one of her children, Armana abandoned the shifter world to spare the lives of her two surviving children. Two decades later, they’re grown and healthy, but she’s between packs and still fighting for a relationship with her angry son. So coming to the aid of his mate’s human father seems like a good way to prove herself.

Only she can’t shake the feelings growing for Gray, and he finds a kindred spirit in her. But if they reach safety, the shifter world won’t let Gray keep his memories of their kind. And Armana will become nothing more than a dream that drives him back into insanity.

A Shifter's Claim (book 4)
He left her once already..

It’s been five years since Shilo’s mate walked out on her and she’s been just a little, tiny bit unstable, a feeling that isn’t helped by the impending fight with a neighboring colony. She might not be all there, but even a crazed shifter knows waking up in a stranger’s bed hours from home to find the contacts from her pack murdered means she’s in trouble.

Aimless and restless and unconcerned with anything beyond his next one-night stand, Waylon agrees to act as bodyguard for some shifter pack liaison embroiled in a power struggle. What could it hurt? He’s been aching for five years, and maybe this assignment will take his mind off all he’s lost. But when he meets his client, his world stops. It’s her. His mate. The one he left.

Thanks to their history, he can’t just walk away and leave her as a target. Thanks to her instability, she can’t go home without backup. If either wants to survive the bloody present, both will have to set aside their heartbreaking past and fight for their uncertain future.

A Shifter's Bodyguard (book 5)
Opposites attract, even with shifters.

Being the Synod’s resident ballbuster hasn’t made Sylva the most popular of her kind, but it’s worth the opportunity to lead her people and help those who are like she once was: isolated, powerless, and afraid. But words fail her when her aversion to violence requires a protection detail—a tall, dark, and brooding bodyguard who has no problem fighting with hands, fangs, or claws.

Harrison has spent his adult life protecting his kind—and guarding his broken heart. When he’s tasked with keeping Sylva safe from her former pack, the job should be nothing he can’t handle. But the closed-off, pacifist female makes him want things he thought he’d lost long ago.

Sylva fights her battles with words, but to stay alive, she needs to take lessons from a shifter who’d rather draw blood than speak. Harrison knows all too well that words can be as sharp as knives, but if he can’t convince his charge to trust him, she’ll be the one hurt worst of all. They say opposites attract, but in this case, if they can’t meet in the middle, it will get them killed.

A Shifter's Salvation (book 6)
She’s used to rescuing strays and injured animals, but she’s not prepared for the wolf-shifter passed out in her ditch.

Patience doesn’t always live up to her name and she wants the guy she brought home to sleep one off gone. She’s figured out what he is, and since she’s human and shouldn’t know his kind exists, she’s worried he’ll start asking all the wrong questions. Because that’s not the only secret she’s hiding. The sooner her stray gets going the better.

Malcolm was lost in so many ways when Patience woke him up in that cold ditch. Just when he’s ready dust himself off and go back to work finding his long-lost sister, he realizes the pretty human knows more than she’s letting on. Since his job to is to protect shifter-kind, it’s a handy excuse to hang around.

It’s hard keeping her private life private when Malcolm ingratiates himself so seamlessly into every part of it, and even worse when she likes it. But when their pasts clash with their present and her secret rescue work is exposed, danger claws at her doorstep. Will that be when Malcolm finally leaves her for good?

Enjoy the entire Pale Moonlight series for one low price. Follow six wolf shifter guardians as they protect their future mates and keep their pack safe.

~Excerpt from book 1, Birthright~

Maggie sensed the door opening before the bell dinged. The next customer’s scent hit her nose, flipped her stomach, and started a warm glow deep in the area of her body that most of the store’s toys catered to.

The fact that the next customer was a shifter registered as her eyes landed on him.

He swaggered in, his swarthy bemused expression scanning the interior. A lock of cocoa-brown hair fell over his forehead, the rest pushed back off his face. He wore a red plaid shirt that hung open over a white tee molded to an extremely cut torso.

Gawd. Pecs and abs beckoned her attention, but the low hanging carpenter jeans promised the ridges of muscle that she wanted to rim with her tongue down to the juncture between his—

“Mage Troye?”

Ripped from her dreamy contemplation of the hot shifter stranger, she frowned in confusion. “Sorry?”

“You’re Maggie Miller?”

Straightening from the counter, she switched from swept away by the hot shifter to who is he and why does he know my name? “Maybe.”

“Then you’re also Mage Troye, your given name. I need to talk to you.”

“I’ve never heard of Mage Troye,” Who named their kid Mage? What did he think her middle name was? Witch? “and I don’t need to talk to you. If you’re not here to shop, you need to leave.” Her heart whimpered at the idea he might go.

Great. So she was crazy—or this guy was.

“Lobo Springs needs your help.”

Now, Lobo Springs rang a bell; a faint one. She remembered her mother and Jace arguing about the place. The only reason she remembered was because when she’d later asked her mom where “Loco Springs” was, her mom’s face lost color and she demanded Maggie never speak of the town again.

“Lobo Springs,” the hot shifter prompted, “your home.”

What will you find in this series?

  • Fated mates
  • Strong heroines
  • Protective mates
  • Thrilling adventure

Books in the Pale Moonlight series:

✔️ Birthright

✔️ Ancient Ties

✔️ A Shifter's Second Chance

✔️ A Shifter's Claim

✔️ A Shifter's Bodyguard

✔️ A Shifter's Salvation

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I enjoy every paranormal book Ms. Johnston has written, and this is no exception."--Reader Review

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Chapter One Look Inside

Birthright (book 1), Chapter 1 preview:

The only reason Porter Denlan wasn’t a tuft of fur in the breeze was because his death would be too obvious, too convenient. But soon, it wouldn’t matter.

Sitting in town hall, he fumed while listening to a power-hungry psycho speak at the podium. The speaker’s best interest wasn’t for the town, Lobo Springs; his primary concern wasn’t for the people of the quaint, woodsy village. And that was a shame because he was their leader.

Porter never whispered about his opposing thoughts of Seamus Meester’s leadership choices. Instead, he was vocal and well witnessed—always. As one of the six clan heads under Seamus’ rule, he ensured none of his pack spoke against the male. As the resident carpenter, Seamus had never viewed him as more than a burr in his paw.

What Seamus didn’t know would soon hurt him.
Switching his focus to the asshole at the podium only made Porter want to tear the wooden stand down, plank by plank. To think, he’d built the thing Seamus snidely spoke behind.

“Denlan is correct. Our new government, the TriSpecies Synod, granted each shifter colony the option to vote in their leadership. However, it does not mean we need to change our ways. We have six clans, each with a capable leader…” he threw Porter a side-eye, suggesting maybe one of the clans’ heads wasn’t, “we have functioned as such for a quarter of a century. Did I not bring Lobo Springs into current times with the name change and all of our advancements?”

Porter snorted in derision. Seamus narrowed his focus on him. The former name, Great Moon, had been a name worthy of a shifter colony, and in no way dated or suggested that it was any different than a human town.
Seamus increased the volume of his rough voice until it boomed off the walls. “This town was on the brink of bankruptcy when I took charge. Now you see new stores opening, a library full of books, and our cars no longer sit on the side of the road in disrepair.”

While he could claim that success and be accurate—he was a money-savvy bastard—it didn’t mean the townsfolk had free access to new technologies like wireless internet. Not unless they had a special connection to Seamus or carried out certain favors.

“Proof alone,” Seamus’ tone dropped low, “that I am a worthy leader of the colony.”

The figurative dead horse lay in front of Porter, but he beat away on it. “If we have the chance to vote,” he said, biting each word out, “we’ll find out how the shifters of each clan feel about the way the colony is run.”

“So far,” Seamus’ lips turned up smugly, “the only shifter I see complaining…is you. How far would you have us carry this voting business, Denlan? Do we elect clan leaders next?”

Ah, the slick prick knew how to play the crowd, from the way he spoke to his styled russet hair and silk ties adorning his business suits. Other clan leaders might fear losing their standing if their members were allowed to vote. Porter didn’t fear his position like the others did. Those of the packs that made up his clan trusted him implicitly, like they had his father.

“We have an opportunity to advance, to move forward with the world around us. It’s necessary to blend in with humans.” Porter paused to look each one of the representatives in the eye. “It’s necessary to keep up with the vampires.”

Grumblings wafted through the stale air in the room. Porter knew his remark hit them where it counted. Vampires and shifters may have united in government and species’ security, but the old colonies, the rule-with-an-iron-fist-and-hide-behind-tradition ones like Lobo Springs, resisted as aggressively as possible. They may have accepted satellite TV and Netflix, but it didn’t mean behaving like humans and allowing absurd events like elections.

“We do not follow the herd like fangers.” Typical Seamus move, using shifter pride against them. Typical shifters, it would work. “The Synod leads us, provides council, we follow their laws. No reason to change.”

Porter wanted to howl, but he wasn’t given to chasing his baser instincts. His wolf demanded release, to challenge Seamus like the old ways, but Porter preferred higher thinking. It’s what made their previous ruler a better leader than Seamus “Kill Them if They Don’t Agree With Me” Meester.

“You are dismissed, Denlan.” Seamus’ hard voice resonated, quieting any mumblings from the clan representatives.

Porter sneered at all of them, lingering the longest on Seamus. All eyes dropped away in a sign of deference—and shame.

The glint of hard steel in Seamus’ green eyes promised retribution. If Porter was a cat, he’d be on life seven-point-five. That’s right. Think about killing me, and how you can’t because for once it’d be obvious it was you.

Unlike their leader, Porter used his carpentry skills for the people, often not charging for repairs. He didn’t conduct business like Seamus by holding it over their heads until they loaned him their daughter for the night. His vocal objections often tamed Seamus’ violent tendencies because one, Porter’s work kept him in peak physical shape and Seamus was slightly threatened. Two, Porter was so well-liked within the village that Seamus couldn’t retaliate by killing him without inciting questions that he’d gone feral.

It made Porter consider offing himself and framing Seamus. If only Porter could risk leaving his pack at the mercy of Seamus orchestrating who he wanted to take Porter’s place if he challenged the male and lost.

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