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Silver Dragon Shifter Brothers Series (Paperback)

Silver Dragon Shifter Brothers Series (Paperback)

Spicy Dragon Shifter Romance

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 700+ 5-star reviews for the series

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The Dragon's Oath (Book 1)


In hindsight, demanding a human woman swear herself to me in exchange for the life of her father wasn’t my best idea. But I saw her and I wanted her, and I need a mate. After shouldering the responsibility of all shifter-kind for so long, I acted selfishly. I know what breaking her word would cost her. Ava is the one who made an oath to me, but I might sacrifice everything to save her from it.


I’m supposed to hate Deacon, and I shouldn’t believe his story about dragon shifters blending in the human world, but the longer I’m around him, the harder it is not to fall under his spell. I humor the oath I made and try to get to know him, but I’ve got one foot out the door. I’ve been duped by false promises and handsome faces before, and I’m not giving up everything for a man again. Only Deacon isn’t just a man. And he has secrets that could threaten more than my heart.

The Dragon's Promise (Book 2)


The only female I ever wanted was promised to my brother. But he found a woman, fell in love, and Venus was back on the market. Only she doesn’t want someone like me. A self-professed nerd, but worse, a male ten years younger than her. She’s stubborn, but I’m determined to win her over. Until she leaves.


The cost is high for a dragon shifter who’s single after a certain age. For a girl who grew up the laughingstock of her clan, mating Penn is the best way for history to repeat itself. So I flee to live my last days in peace. Only the persistent and devastatingly handsome male finds me. And when I start to melt, another female stakes her claim. And I have to decide if shifter politics are worth losing my life and my guy over.

The Dragon's Vow (Book 3)


When my brother was busy trying to win the mate of his dreams, I may have indulged a time or twenty in the voluptuous curves of a human woman. I fell hard and when I asked her for more, she turned me down flat. She would never move to the small shifter town I lived in and I could never leave. Message received. So I walked away before I told her what I was. Then I find out she’s pregnant with my young.


I moved to a big city after high school and I’ve been savoring the anonymity ever since. Then Steel shows up and destroys the tidy but exhausting life I’ve built for myself. I’m not allowed to raise a dragon shifter kid away from the clan, and since I know Steel’s shifter secret, I have to mate him. So, basically, I’m losing everything I worked for. But I refuse to lose my heart, no matter what.

If you love dragon shifters and small towns, you'll love this series. There is a bigger discount because these covers are outdated--and now they're all yours! 

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  • Strong heroes
  • Humans learning about a whole new world
  • Small town romance with a paranormal spin
  • Fated mates

Books in the Silver Dragon Brother Series:

✔️ The Dragon's Oath

✔️ The Dragon's Promise

✔️ The Dragon's Vow

What readers are saying:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Holy shiznet!!! What a gr8 story. I truly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading the next. I recommend this read. 5 Thumbs up."--Reader Review

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This is a new author for me and I am so glad I gave this book a chance. It was fun and light hearted and just what I needed to get over a long day."--Reader Review

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I liked this book very much! The characters, plot, and storyline are well thought out. It holds your interest from the first to last page!"--Reader Review

Chapter One Look Inside

The Dragon's Oath Chapter 1, Sneak Peek:

“Did you hear something?” I squinted into the distance. A couple of boats spotted the lake. Nothing but off-season anglers who couldn’t wait to get a jump on the sport. I couldn’t blame them. I’d rather spend my day in the sun, catching delicious food and enjoying the sun on my scales.

The whole scales thing doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but that was our life. I had a private place by my home where I could shift and soak up the sun.

My brother glanced up from where we were loading patio blocks for Penn’s new place into the back of the pickup. The owner of the lake house was on Silver Lake’s council and had offered it to us for free if we hauled it. “I thought I heard a shout, but some retiree probably just caught a whopper of a walleye.”

I shook my head, my gaze roaming our surroundings.

“Deacon, if someone needs help, they’ll shout again.”

“No, it’s just…” I swept my gaze over the gentle, twinkling blue waves. My sensitive ears picked up the sudden roar of an engine. It sputtered, then jumped to life. I searched for the boat that was making the noise. Didn’t take long to find the gleaming white-and-silver fishing boat bouncing erratically over the surface. The engine would roar and then back off until the boat settled down. If the driver kept on the throttle, they might end up vertical.

Steel spotted what I had. “That driver doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing.”

The boat, coupled with the shout I heard earlier, raised an alarm in my brain. “They’re in trouble.”

“They’re gonna be,” Steel said sarcastically.

I could get to the boat and pluck the whole thing out of the water and carry it to shore. It was broad daylight, the sun chasing all the shadows away. Wildrose might be part of Silver clan area, but we weren’t even open in our natural form there. Humans were a part of our daily life, and we couldn’t risk a non-mate knowing about us.

I squinted at the boat, willing my eyesight to be as keen as my hearing. There was only one figure on the boat. My vision was acute enough to see the person’s hair that glowed like spun gold whipping around her head.

“Female,” I murmured in a reverent tone.

Steel glanced at me from the corner of his eye. As I watched her frantic pace across the water, I yearned to make out more details. Was she short or tall? What color were her eyes? Did she have a pleasing scent?

The boat lurched, and I snapped back to reality.
“She’s going to crash the damn thing.” I jumped in the driver’s seat and shouted to my brother, “You getting in or what?”

Steel clamored into the passenger seat. “You know I’m always up for adventure.”

I punched the pickup into gear and pulled out of the gas station. A road curved around the entire lake, serving all the cabins and permanent residents lining the shore. I raced in the direction the boat was heading.

Was she going to slow down? It didn’t look like it.
Steel pointed out his window. “If she doesn’t drown herself, she’s going to come to an abrupt stop at that two-story red cabin.”

I willed that place to be a vacation lake home. This time of year the lake was quiet, the vacationers minimal. There were still some people who lived in their cabins year-round and braved the snow dumps every winter.
That snow had melted and there was nothing but rocks for the boat to crash into.

Slow the hell down. You’re going to die before I can even see the face that goes with that beautiful hair.
Dragons were suckers for anything that resembled gems and precious metals.

I bypassed the driveway and drove around the house, weaving to miss a firepit and swing set, until I got as close to the boat dock as possible. The boater wasn’t going to make the dock, but she shouldn’t hit far away.

By some miracle, the human managed to slow the boat down before it hit the rocks. The screech of the hull against the stone made my sensitive ears ache. Steel winced and shook his head.

The woman was knocked down. Her cry reached my ears and lit a fire deep in my belly. I slammed the pickup in park and jumped out. Leaving the door open, I charged toward the boat.

“H-help!” The woman didn’t jump up and down and wave her arms, nor did she scramble out of the boat to look for someone. She dropped at an odd angle to her knees and bent until I almost couldn’t see her.

I reached the boat. An older man was sprawled out on the bottom. There was barely enough room for her to straddle him. She was pumping his chest. CPR. I inhaled and inspected each smell that flowed into me.

She was an adult, but young. Traces of her scent were similar to the male. Her father. But he was dying. I could barely hear the flutter of his heart, a mere quiver. His brain and body were growing more and more oxygen deprived.

His situation was dire, but I could help. On rare occasions, it was allowed, and this was one such time.

My brother’s muffled footsteps on the greening grass barely resonated in my awareness. My attention was back on the woman. I still couldn’t get a good look at her face, but it didn’t matter. I knew one unequivocal thing about her.

She was mine.

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